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Our Sources

The wines we sell come from these vineyards.


Situated near the medieval, picturesque little village of Luogosanto , Siddura can be described as the heart of the Gallura. Here the noble culture of wine is as old as the history of the people who have inhabited this land over the centuries. To renew this antique tradition gives a historical dimension to our lives and daily toils. It fulfills our dream of creating something unique and extraordinary of these ancient roots. We are grateful for being so lucky.

Vigne Surrau

In the valley of Surrau the grapes ripen patiently under the gentle sun of Sardinia, rocked by the Mistral winds. In the hills of Arzachena, where the granite goes down towards the sea, the vineyards of Surrau produce great wines. Here the love for the beauty has created a surprising architecture where the work of men and the passion of a family meet to offer the extreme pleasure of hospitality. In the heart of Gallura, where the “Costa Smeralda” gives off all its charm, the tourist vocation of the territory combines with the ancient wine tradition of this land. Vigne Surrau, where passion becomes the art of wine.