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About Us

This is a family business borne out of total love and passion for Sardinia, and the north-eastern corner Gallura, that we have been visiting for the last 14 years.

Our memories conjure up the emerald crystal waters, an aperitif at sunset, wild and unspoilt landscapes and the array of colourful buildings, but the little part that we can bring home with us to the UK is the wonderful wine and produce from this area of paradise.

This area of Sardinia produces, in our opinion, some superb wines, due to the specific mild climate, good limestone, granite soils and many indigenous grape varieties.

Today, we have a direct relationship with three vineyards in the Gallura area, and expect this to grow in 2016, as well as adding other local produce such as cheese and olive oil. This is an opportunity to purchase good quality wines that are relatively unknown to most of the population, it is only a matter of time before the secret gets out!

Through our own experience and local wine tasting evenings, we bring to you a selection of some excellent wines at an affordable price that are fairly unique today in the UK.

We hope you enjoy them and welcome your feedback.

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